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motivating kids in the dance world!  

The Kids Ballet Program: is a fun learning program created to initiate children in the dancing world through fun and exciting classes, developing the foundations of ballet and the love for it.

The main goal of the program is to provide an enthusiastic, structured and enjoyable class, where the children, according to their age, can begging their first experiences in the dancing world and develop further skills that will not only provide technical knowledge for ballet, but also will allow to develop social skills, communicational skills and self confidence, increasing the opportunities to explore who they are.

KCW wants to provide a stress free environment were all the children can have an opportunity to discover the joy and excitement of ballet, express themselves and nurture the foundations of dance and general life skills. For us the classes should provide a nurturing time were they feel valued and encouraged.


TIPPY TOES BALLET (3-5 YEARS OLD) and PETIT BALLERINAS (6-7 YEARS OLD) are classes designed to build a foundation for movement, personal expression, creativity, musicality, and an understanding of basic dance principles and terminology. In these classes your child will learn to create a social awareness by taking turns, sharing time, space and ideas as a group. Thought games, ballet stories and working with props we teach the youngest ones the technical knowledge in a motivating and exciting way.

These classes are 45 minutes long, once a week.

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PRE-BALLET (8-9 YEARS OLD) and BALLET BEGINNERS (10-14  YEARS OLD) are classes  where children start to master basic positions, technique and terminology.  The classes consist in barre work, followed by stretching, traveling steps, and small and large jumps in the center floor. Poise, posture, coordination and rhythm are the basic learning objectives of these classes.

These classes are 1 hour long once or twice a week.






If you don't know what to wear try comfy close for you try out classes.


Here are our suggestions if you want to introduce the "Ballet Dressing Code" to your child:


Suggested Dress Code for Girls

·         Leotard (black or pink is recommended)

·         Tights (pink is recommended)

·         Skirt or shorts (optional)

·         Ballet slippers

·         Hair pulled back off the face

·         No dangling jewelry


Suggested Dress Code for Boys

·         Black leggings

·         Fitted T-shirt (white is recommended)

·         White socks

·         Ballet slippers


Don't forget to bring your slippers...

And have fun!